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//manifesto collection

Our Manifesto Collection is the first design collection that offers knitted garments that shield facial recognition.

In a world where data is the new oil,

Cap_able addresses the issue of privacy, opening the discussion on the importance of protection from the misuse of biometric recognition cameras: a problem that has become increasingly present in our daily lives, involving citizens around the world, and that, if neglected, could freeze the rights of the individual including freedom of expression, association, and free movement in public spaces.

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//teddy bear
















People wearing the Manifesto Collection garments are not recognized as such by Yolo. The system recognizes dogs, zebras, giraffes, or small knitted people inside the fabric.

As shown in the images, the face of the models wearing Cap_able garments is not inside the red boxes (bounding boxes): the goal is achieved.


//privacy protection

//privacy protection

The Manifesto Collection was created to create awareness of the risks associated with the improper use of facial recognition technology. 

Biometric data is extremely sensitive information and is currently not safeguarded by any law:

the biometric data of people wearing Cap_able technology is not stored by the large databases where it is combined with personal data to profile each citizen.


//why knitwear?

Knitwear gives texture and wearability as well as makes the design more durable than a printed one. Knitwear is practical and comfortable for those who move around the city and for those who travel for pleasure or for work. Among the other benefits, the garments don't need to be ironed.  

The algorithm that shields facial recognition is integrated into the texture designed to be worn without losing effectiveness, blending perfectly with the volumes of the body.

The fabric of the Manifesto Collection was patented in 2021 for industrial invention.


//raw material

Better Cotton Initiative

In support of the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI farmers respect the rights of those who work with them, optimize water use, and respect the land and biodiversity by reducing the use of pesticides and chemicals. 

100% Made in Italy

Cotton was produced by the Italian company Filmar. Filmar produces and markets cotton-based yarns of superior quality and exclusive “made in Italy” taste. Since 1958 Filmar has been applying research and passion to the ennobling of this ancient raw material, selected in its finest variety: 100% Egyptian cotton. 

//is it legal?

People wearing Cap_able are clearly recognizable and identifiable: the last scope is just to avoid a specific intrusive technology, which represents a potential violation of the protection of personal data.

Cap_able's technology helps to safeguard privacy and the protection of personal data, defending citizens who choose to wear its garments from abuse and unlawful intrusion into their individual life.

The use of Cap_able products constitutes the legitimate exercise of constitutionally protected fundamental rights in most democratic countries.


Read our "Legal Opinion on the Production, Marketing and Use of Knitted Garments that inhibit Automated Facial Recognition Tools under the European and Italian legal framework"


Read our blog to learn more about the risks associated with the misuse of facial recognition cameras: LINK BLOG >>

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