Cap_able | Technology Forum Award for Innovation by TEHA

Cap_able | Technology Forum Award for Innovation by TEHA
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Let's begin by referencing Roberto Verganti’s book, which defines the innovation that we wholeheartedly believe in:


A more powerful innovation, which seeks to discover not how things work but why we need things.


Overcrowded: Designing Meaningful Products in a World Awash with Ideas


Cap_able was conceived with an inside-out approach, a unique "gift." It began as a discussion between two passionate students who shared a common vision at the intersection of technology and fashion for data privacy. They then reached out to individuals whose ideas they valued and, subsequently, to experts in the field. Through this collaborative effort, Cap_able was born.


  • #TechForum2024 | Hosted by TEHA in Stresa, Italy 🪡


Summing up what innovation means to us, we are thrilled to see the fruits of our vision! Thanks to TEHA, we were honored with the Technology Forum Award for Innovation. Among seven startups that presented their business ideas to the audience, we were recognized for making the most positive impact on society.


While we are proud to be raising awareness for human rights, there is always more to be done every day. This ongoing effort is underscored by the research of TEHA and Microsoft Italia, which shows that generative AI poses several socio-ethical risks. Therefore, a responsible approach needs to be developed, characterized by transparency, reliability, security, and fairness.


To address these challenges, we need to be better and think differently. Continuing with business as usual is riskier than ever. As Brian Solis, a digital anthropologist, futurist, and thought leader, wisely notes, "If you’re waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you are on the wrong side of innovation."



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It is incredibly valuable to see people who share the same goal and think differently! Here are six other startups that shared the stage with us:


  • Legaltech - Paolo FoisCo-founder and CEO,

An advanced software based on artificial intelligence, designed to accelerate and improve legal research. 

A security middleware that can provide with an additional layer of security to any generative AI application. 

Tailor-made acne therapies, created through artificial intelligence and the support of dermatologists 

A Generative AI-driven platform designed to streamline content creation processes and craft personalised and high-performing content. 

Creation of AI products that make a company’s internal knowledge more accessible and exploitable. 

Revolutionizing waste management through AI for a more sustainable and clean future.


Special thanks to Valerio De Molli and his team for organizing this event. 🚀


Here is the photo gallery of the event: 

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