Elsa Leydier x Cap_able Design | FIREFLIES IN THE ALGORITHM

Elsa Leydier x Cap_able Design | FIREFLIES IN THE ALGORITHM

Elsa Leydier x Cap_able Design | FIREFLIES IN THE ALGORITHM

A statement from Elsa Leydier regarding her artwork:

I am Elsa Leydier and delighted to present the first photos from my collaboration with Cap_able. These would not have been possible without three people dear to my heart who agreed to be my models, my fireflies in the algorithm: Alex, D.S., and Thérèse. Many thanks to them ⭐️


💭 Did you know that facial recognition cameras are surrounding, even at major events like the Olympics? When you are cheering for your favorite athletes in Paris, these cameras will keep an eye on you.


It's mind-blowing to think about how much facial recognition technology is a part of our lives now.


Amidst these realities, I recently came across an innovative solution called Cap_able Design, which uses artificial intelligence to protect individuals' data privacy. I was immediately fascinated.


Cap_able has developed the Manifesto collection, a line of clothing designed to disrupt facial recognition technology. Using adversarial patterns created by AI, these garments effectively hide the wearer's biometric data by tricking surveillance systems into seeing them as animals rather than humans 🪐


The thing that is truly remarkable about this fusion of fashion and technology is its dual purpose: it raises awareness about the far-reaching implications of technological surveillance and provides a tangible defense against it. It underscores the critical importance of safeguarding data privacy as a fundamental human right.


The culmination of my collaboration with Cap_able is a compelling project titled "FIREFLIES IN THE ALGORITHM." This title draws inspiration from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s metaphor of fireflies as symbols of beauty, representing the potential for love and resistance against oppressive forces, as well as against the emerging realities of overconsumption and the culture of spectacle. I am incredibly proud of this project and the meaningful message it conveys.


Photographer: Elsa Leydier

Models: Alex, D.S., and Thérèse

Communication Design: Ece Yükselen

Supervisor: Rachele Didero

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