Imagine this: A giraffe on the stage at the Fundamental Rights Forum!

Imagine this: A giraffe on the stage at the Fundamental Rights Forum!
  • 🪡 One stage for all | A pathway to shaping Europe's future of human rights 🔍 

On March 11th, Vienna's City Hall opened its grand doors to the biggest #HumanRights event of the year! ⭐️ 


One stage for all: the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the Commissioner of Human Rights, civil society organizations, youth culture, poets, musicians, dancers, singers, performers... 


The City Hall's stage welcomed many different stakeholders to send their message to the eyes, ears, and hearts of the people who will shape Europe's future. It was interesting to witness artists on stage, breaking the barriers and borders of language to raise a voice for human rights and evoke empathy in people. Filmmaker and slam poetry champion Lisette Ma Neza presented her poem, leaving us truly inspired!


  • 🪡  Cap_able on stage: technology x fashion x privacy!

Rachele Didero, our founder, took the stage on #RightsForum24 to discuss the intersection of technology, fashion, and privacy. If you didn't have a chance to watch her live, you can find the link below to watch her in action!  


  • 🪡  Connect. Reflect. Act.  

It's always exciting and inspiring to engage in dialogue and share the same microphone with individuals who are taking further steps towards equality and inclusion. 🧶 Watch the recording! 🦒


Here's the photogallery of the event:

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