Imagine, learn, innovate!

Imagine, learn, innovate!
  • 🪡 Forging the Future of Business with AI by John Werner @MIT Media Lab

As Capable_design, we had the opportunity to attend Imagination in Action | Forging the Future of Business with AI, an event organized by John Werner, in a remarkable place for us where we continue to learn, find inspiration, and strengthen our roots at MIT MediaLab. We were honoured to be among the 80 AI startups invited to this event, alongside 2000 attendees from 15 countries!


  • 🪡 Imagine, learn, innovate!

Vinod Khosla echoes this sentiment with his powerful statements: "Everyone will need to learn to learn -- to always be adaptive" and "In 5 years, most of the internet usage will be done by AI agents, not humans." These statements highlight the importance of continuous learning and the evolving role of AI in shaping our digital landscape.


As Igor Jablokov says, nothing sparks innovation more than imagination – a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with. We constantly imagine and work hard to make our dreams a reality, striving to deliver value to everyone we touch. Being on stage, surrounded by visionary individuals who also dream of a better future, is always a joy for us. 


We think our humanity stands as our most precious asset, and our capacity to dream is what truly matters! ⭐️ 


  • 🪡 Until next time, here are the highlights!

If you're curious about the event, we encourage you to watch the 3-minute recap and explore the fun facts on the website. Trust us, you won't regret it! 


Here is the photo gallery of the event:



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