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About Privacy: Project KOVR

"Clothing has always been a method to protect ourselves against the possible threats of the biosphere [...]. Project KOVR is protecting you from the infosphere." But what is infosphere? And, more important than that: what is Project KOVR?

"Infosphere" is a neologism composed of "information" and "sphere." It refers to an environment, a metaphysical realm of information, data, knowledge, and communication. It is populated by informational entities called "informs" (or information organisms). One good example is cyberspace, but infospheres are not limited to online-only environments; they can include both offline and analog information.

It consists of networks and radio waves, growing at a dizzying speed. Humans move around unprotected with privacy-sensitive data that can easily be tracked and abused in the infosphere by virtually anyone, random individuals and corporations.

Project KOVR was born: a wearable countermovement that aims to bring privacy to those who don't want to be tracked constantly. With specific fabrics, the garment shields chip in car keys and clothing, making your phone untraceable.

Click here to discover more about this project and how it protects your privacy from the threats of our information-driven environment.

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Project KOVR - A wearable countermovement. Available at: (Accessed: February 20, 2023).

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