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___________________// technology, textile and fashion
c_ollaboration __//  to raise
a_wareness ____//  designed for
p_eople ______//

Cap_able was born in 2019 from a discussion on contemporary society, technology, and human rights.

As a result of a

collaboration between technology, textile, and fashion

Cap_able offers a high-tech product that opens the debate on issues of our present that will shape our future.

Cap_able wants to have an impact on society, creating awareness on contemporary issues through highly innovative design products from a technological and ethical point of view.

Cap_able is aimed at a

cultural and technological avant-garde

that wants to be an exemplary leader in raising awareness of the importance of one's rights:

a means to express oneself, one's identity and the values shared within a reference community.

capable of


The garments are 100% Made in Italy and use a super soft 100% Egyptian cotton yarn joining the Better Cotton Initiative.


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