Excellence in Design

Excellence in Design
  • Excellence in Design 🪐


The Compasso d’Oro, established in 1954, is the most prestigious design award in the world, recognizing excellence in style, functionality, and innovation


Cap_able combines engineering, technology and fashion and we are thrilled to have been a part of this esteemed tradition. In 2022, our founder Rachele Didero was honored with the Compasso d’Oro by ADI as The Targa Giovani. The theme was Sustainable and Responsible Development which they analyzed 292 products and services to meet these criteria.


Once again a special thanks to:


Giovanni Maria Conti, who played a pivotal role in helping in supporting and guiding Rachele throughout her academic research.

Martina Motta, Professor of the Knit Lab, whose efforts and contribution to Cap_able was highly important.


  • Sustainable and Responsible Development, 2022 ⭐️


Giovanni Anceschi, Francesco Binfaré, Giulio Cappellini, Antonio Citterio, Brunello Cucinelli, Michele De Lucchi, Rossana Orlandi, Rosi Vago and Giancarlo Zanatta are among the winners of this 2022, awarded with the title to the career.


Brunello Cucinello said, in 2022, "Fashion is also in the spotlight this year among the awards for the best Italian design, this year dedicated to Sustainable and Responsible Development."


President of ADI Luciano Galimberti emphasized, "Italian design is a source of proposals and solutions to living problems, with all the limitations of any proposal but also with the strength and courage of those who take a stand."


  • ADI Compasso D'oro 2024 🪡


This year, we were once again invited to the Compasso d’Oro award ceremony. The event is always a source of excitement and inspiration, showcasing emerging talents and groundbreaking designs. It was a particular pleasure to have the opportunity to see Rossano Orlandi, whose visionary work continues to inspire and influence us.


  • Stay tuned! 🧵


We are continuously conducting research with Gruppo Colombo and at the Politecnico di Milano, always leaving the door open for creativity. By combining research with technology, we aim to develop ethical products that will shape our future. 


Our commitment to innovation extends beyond our current partnerships. We are always open to exploring new collaboration opportunities with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our vision for a better future. If you are interested in partnering with us, we invite you to reach out and contact us. 🌟

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